Unlock The Internet

In 2015, President Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took the unbelievable step of applying the heaviest possible hand of government regulation to the Internet.

The Internet has been an engine of innovation and growth for two decades because previous Republican and Democratic administrations correctly recognized how a federal regulatory assault on the Internet would undermine its evolution and expansion. Yet, without evidence of any problem, Obama’s FCC catered to scare tactics and misinformation campaigns driven by the left to take control of the Internet without congressional authority.

This shocking move by the federal government opened the doors for forms of online censorship, potentially new government taxes and fees, and resulting price hikes on consumers.

Thanks to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, we now have the opportunity to return the Internet to a thriving platform for consumers that encourages investment and growth in new technologies, and guarantees the American people benefit over government bureaucrats.

Stand up for a truly free and open Internet by telling the FCC and Congress to give the Internet back to the people and overturn Obama’s Internet regulations!

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Unleashing the Next Generation of Internet Innovation

In just a few short decades, the internet has grown from an academic curiosity to the driving economic, cultural and civic force of our time.

Unimaginably fast networks now crisscross the globe and no one even blinks as social media updates roll in from its farthest corners – and beyond (even the International Space Station is online). I’m proud to say that the American Conservative Union’s annual conference—known to conservatives around the globe as CPAC—had a half billion Twitter impressions along with live streaming to every continent.